Welcome to the Namibian Enduro Club

Short History
The enduro motorcycle sport has been practised in Namibia since the mid 1980’s.  In the earlier years the enduro motorsport was managed and organised as a sub division of the Windhoek Motor Cross Club.  In January 2010 the Enduro Working Group decided to join the Windhoek Motor Club.  In January 2011 the Namibian Enduro Club was founded by Andreas Brendel, Pieter de Haan and Hein Venter in Windhoek Namibia.  The objectives of the Namibian Enduro Club are follows:

  1. To promote Enduro / Baja / Cross Country and related activities at social and racing level;
  2. To co-operate with other groups with similar interests so far as to further the sport of  Enduro / Baja / Cross Country and related activities;
  3. To carry out any other duties or activities conducive to the welfare of members and the welfare of the sport in general.
Since its inception in 2011 the Club has grown tremendously and has hosted and participated in a number of regional and international events.

Affiliated Members

The Namibian Enduro Club is also an affiliated member of the Namibian Motor Sports Federation (NMSF), the Fédération Internationale de Motocyclisme (International Motorcycling Federation) (FIM) and FIM Africa.

The Executive Committee
The executive committee consist of the following four members, who are elected for a two year term. The office bearers for 2020 - 2022 are:
Shane Levey – chairman
Theo Becker – vice chairman
Oliver Rohrmuller – secretary
Maike Bochert – treasurer

Event Dates & Venues for 2021

Month Enduro Location MX Location  
January 30th Fundero      
February 20th TBC 6th Gallina  
March 13th Vaalgras 6th Gobabis  
April 17th Usakos 3th  Swakop  
May No Events
June 5th Uis 12th Gallina  
July 17th Karibib 3th  Gobabis  
August 27 &28 NamX 7th Gallina  
September 18th Lichtenstein 4th Gallina  
October 16th Gobabis 2nd Swakop  
November 20th Neu Heuse 6th Gallina  
December     27&28 SWAKOP Non National



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